On 11/28/04 at 10:40 AM Durk Talsma wrote:

>I have a question. Would it be an idea to add a "gate" or parking editor 
>function to taxidraw? The reason I'm asking is that I'm starting to think 
>about ways to improve AI parking at the major airports. So eventually, for

>the major airports we would need to indicate at which exact coordinates 
>aircraft could park. To me it seems this would be a logical extension of 
>taxidraw. Any ideas?

Hi Durk,

This shouldn't be too much of a problem.  TaxiDraw was originally conceived
of as an Afcad like AI network editor, before morphing into a physical
taxiway editor.  Bear in mind that Bernie added something like this to
fgsd, which you might be able to get working more quickly.  Give me a shout
offlist about what you need and what format if you want it added to

Cheers - Dave

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