Gerhard Wesp wrote:
> I thought about Solaris.  Seems to be absolutely straightforward to
> install.  But I don't know anything about OpenGL and GPU support.
> Linux: X11 installation (especially GPU drivers) were a pain last time
> I checked (requires kernel compile!).  Has this changed in the
> meantime.  Other options?  FreeBSD perhaps?

I'm not sure what trouble you had, but the NVidia drivers are almost
idiot-proof these days.  Install your Linux distribution (I use FC3
and can recommend it; others will work great too), then download the
driver package and run it.  One of the third party RPM distributors
( maybe?) used to have it packaged automatically so you could
just do something like "yum update nvidia" to download and install it

The ATI drivers are not so pleasant, however (the last I checked, the
still lacked support for the 2.6 kernel).  Although the built-in DRI
drivers for the ATI 8x00 and 9200 cards run flightgear very well and
come standard with your X server.


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