Selon David Luff :
> Completely off topic, your screenshots look like you're getting dark lines
> at runway texture boundaries similar to what I see on an ATI machine, but
> not on a NVidia machine.  Are you also on an ATI card, and am I correct in
> thinking that Andy Ross might have once produced a plib patch to cure this
> - does anyone know if it ever went into plib or not?

I have them also with NVidia 5900FX. I think it is related with highest level of

I am quite sure the problem lies in the genapt code but I hadn't time to
investigate yet. There is something that seems strange though. This comment
appears at line 93 of rwy_prec.cxx

    // we add 2' to the length for texture overlap.  This puts the
    // lines on the texture back to the edge of the runway where they
    // belong.

I wonder if that overlap is not the problem. As it does not show up with my GF3,
I guess it doesn't appears on GF4 too so perhaps this why Curt is not seeing
them ( otherwise he would surely have done something to cure them ). My
rationale here is that it is likely to be in the code because otherwhise we
would see them everywhere, not just on runways.


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