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> You will want to use multicast.  The multicast address range is
thru is reserved, so don't use it.  Also,
multicast has a default time to live (TTL) of 1 hop, so it will be limited
to devices on the same subnet.  I don't know if FlightGear handles receiving
multicast, tho.
> Jonathan Polley
Ooops, should have been a bit more expicit.  The machines are running on a
private LAN that supports my 747 sim. All four machines require FG data.
While two machines require a full set of data (plus what I've added from
JSBSim) the remaining two require a smaller subset and I'll probably add a
fifth to run the MCDUs which requires even a smaller set. Plus there is
additional data using the opengc protocol which is also redundant.

Was not conptemplating the idea of going onto the Internet...

Running Debian with linux-2.4.26 on all machines. The network configuration
appears okay, in that a "ping" from any and all machines
generates a response from all machines

John W.

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