On Friday, 10 December 2004 00:57, Nick Coleman wrote:
> The DoD is going to stop making DAFIF available to the public.
> I don't know TerraGear at all, but I thought I'd give a heads up just in
> case it uses it.

I'm surprised someone else hasn't commented on this yet.
Losing DAFIF access will be a pretty big blow to X-Plane and FlightGear.
The DAFIF data is the primary source of global airports and navaid data that 
we use in FlightGear.

It is not the only source of info but it is the primary source. The other 
sources are just little bits and pieces - nothing on a global scale like 
So we are now esentially stuck with a dataset that is going to age and get 
inaccurate as time goes on and things are updated and changed in the real 
world. Frequencies, new navaid equipment, etc.


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