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I have seen (and I've seen more than few) control law diagrams taking some generalized input (0-1 range), taking target speed, or attitude, or something,... but havent seen any, taking as a input
force that pilot has to produce. Could you pls give some pointers? I'd
like to take a look; it's never to late to learn something new :)

As far as the force in the stick is of concern, I've seen exactly
oposite situation: one has position of the stick, speed of the stick, dynamic properties of the linkage, and all data from FDM. Using those as input, force to be produced on the stick is calculated, and generated.

Look here at the X-15 data and FCS diagram: http://jsbsim.sourceforge.net/X-15Aero.html

The USAF F-16 (Block 40) FCS diagram is the same way: stick force is the input. Same with Space Shuttle control Law diagrams.

The JSBSim X-15 model simulates the X-15 control laws as shown in the link above. We take the -1 to +1 joystick input from FlightGear and turn it into a stick force, mapping to the force range described in Etkin's book as a sort of standard.


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