Jon S Berndt said:

> Also, ask yourself the question, does the normalized value of, say, 
> 0.5 really correspond to 30 degrees of flaps when the total range is 0 
> to 60?

No telling.  How many angles can you discern at 50 meters on a 1600 pixel
screen (not to mention 800)? :-)
> > Also, to have some objects reported normalized and other objects 
> >reported
> > actual would be too confusing...even if the distinctions and reasons 
> >were
> > logically sensible.  In the long run we'll benefit the most from 
> >consistency
> > even if it means more work at the FDM interface.
> Not sure I agree here. It should not be a big deal to have two 
> subclasses, one to handle normalized and one to handle not normalized.

The 3D modeler would need to know which class object X belonged to.  Well...I usual I'm just too easily confused :-)
> It's not such a big deal to me except in that I don't want the FDM to 
> be dealing with things it does not need to be dealing with - I want to 
> work towards reducing "excess baggage" from JSBSim proper. I'd be 
> content with moving normalization into the interface class.
That's an option.



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