Thomas Foerster wrote:
> So giving the user a choice is probably the best way to go, i.e. using a
> QT-based one on Linux, a native Windows GUI on Windows, no GUI at all in a
> real simulator setting.
This is the same sort of idea I had been toying with. As a newbie to fg I felt 
that one tool that would be very handy would be a form of Linux QT 
FG-launcher. It would simply generate the appropriate config file from the 
users selections (--aircraft etc) and then launch fg with the newly generated 
config. This could make fgfs suddenly more approachable to new users. 

> Think I'll try to prototype something this weekend.
I'd be very interested in having a look at it once you get one going. I am at 
an early stage with QT but thought a fg frontend that would be a great way to 

I had envisioned a tabbed widget setup where loading of different tabsets 
could be facilitated via links in a contents pane e.g. on the right. The 
different tabsets might include a document browser, aircraft browser, flight 
creator etc. 

Having a QT implementation would make it a separate entity, nicely modular and 
split off from the fgfs core. It would naturally be a "take it or leave it" 

It may even be possible to modify fg envirnoment parameters in realtime which 
would open up the possibility of an instructor's station module .... 

Really sky's the limit.

Also as far as windows licensing is concerned: From Trolltech's website:
"Please note that if you make the source code for your project available and 
your license allows it, any holder of a commercial Qt Windows license can 
create binaries for your project."

Thus a GPL'd QT GUI could be made available for windows users. We would just 
need to find a QT commercial windows customer who'd be willing to generate 
binaries. These could then be distributed with source code for windows users. 

Note also that Mac users/coders can use it or contribute to it since it is 
only the windows version that is not available as open source.

(I'm not a licensing lawyer, but that is how I understand Trolltech's 
Licensing FAQ)



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