On Saturday, 18 December 2004 11:43, Jorge Van Hemelryck wrote:
> - we could create another app, which would be meant to communicate with
> FlightGear in realtime (probably via the telnet interface), something
> more elaborate than the http interface, in the same way that fgrun does
> for command-line options

That's a great idea.

1. It means that we don't have to mess with FG code which is a turning out to 
be a real headache especially when trying to get some input from the core 
developers who are probably very busy with other more important things.
This means we can develop outside of FG very quickly without having to worry 
about keeping everyone else happy. If they don't like it they don't have to 
use it.

2. It's dynamic (none of this static .fgfsrc file stuff that FG only reads 
when starting)

The only thing now is to get one of the core developers to update the 
interface for us so that we can load aircraft, push new flightplans to GPS 
units, etc.


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