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I also thought about this as an option for a GUI. The main advantage would be that this approach ensures there's no GUI code in FG and there is a well designed API/Protocol to it. Writing alternative GUI's should be easy using that API/Protocol. Having the GUI seperated also makes it easy to distribute the apps across machines, i.e. having a simulator with an instructors workplace (changing weather, fail engines...)

With the added advantage of not bloating the simulator - gets my vote.

For what it's worth, I think that some sort of minimal built in gui for FG is still a good idea. FG already provides a lot of support for developing an external gui (i.e. for an operator/instructor station.) I have done exactly this for the ATC flight sim single engine trainer and it works quite well.

The only issue is that for single PC, home users who aren't immensely computer savey, starting up multiple apps concurrently can be a bit tricky ... especially in a multiplatform / portable context.


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