Thomas Förster wrote:

Is there documentation on this (writing external UI's) somewhere?


There's no specific documentation, but what I did was leverage the "telnet" interface which gives you a convenient way to interact with the FG property system. It's relatively "low bandwith" but that's generally fine for a gui. The "telnet" interface also provides some higher level "commands" which are convenient for remotely controlling the app. It's an approach that works quite well (at least on linux.) I have control over the machine so I can set all the various apps to startup the way I like and can have complete control. I'd shudder to try to roll multiple concurrent apps into a user release though because it's a fragile house of cards. I can get it setup on my own system, but any little change or difference can bring the whole thing crashing down, and for users that don't understand how it all goes together, they may not be able to easily modify the scripts to make it all work.

But if we can work through the management/distribution/platform/usability issues, I think it would be a great thing to have. You can do so much more, so much more easily with a real gui tool kit than you can do in pui.



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