Dave Martin wrote:

I've now got 702 vertices and still a reasonable looking model that you can taxi past 20 feet away or fly over at 100 feet and think "yes, thats a 172" ;-)

Very close inspection gives the game away but your unlikely to find an aircraft that can taxi up to it without catching the prop. :-P

One thing I've noticed is that lightplanes are definitely more complex in shape than commercial jets.

The model now uses just one texture (which needs to be change to represent a different a/c to Fox Sierra.)

Screenshot: http://www.cyfinity.com/fgfs/c172p-static.jpg

I'm hoping to 'do over' the pa28 also so I can place some static aircraft at Midland airstrips - I hope to start on Wellesbourne Mountford (EGBW) but I need to get the taxi-ways / disused runways sorted with Taxidraw first.


Are you familiar with "Level of Detail" or LOD? This is a technique where you can build multiple versions of your aircraft with different level of details. The system then automatically picks which version to display depending on how far away it is. This let's you do a super high res version, one or two medium res versions, and a super low resolution version (which might just be a single dot.) It's more work to set this up, but if you carefully balance your polygon counts with your transition ranges, you can get a result such that you can display hundreds of models on the screen pretty easily. In most cases, 99% of the aircraft will be drawn in the ultra-low res LOD, and only the few closest will be drawn in the highest LOD.



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