On Monday, 20 December 2004 21:04, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> That certainly sounds doable, although the particular details of how to
> launch, and kill, and detect if the child process is running will
> probably vary wildly from platform to platform.

If one uses a socket connection it becomes very simple.
One could find the running process quite easily by just entering the correct 
IP and port numbers into the client.
(Obviously with a default setting like for all the new XP users 
who just want to try FG out so that it works "out of the box".)
This way it can be run on a single machine or across a network.

FG can be started and shutdown either independently or by the client app.
No mutex's, no OS API calls, no semaphores, no checking for lock files ...

The only trick is some people may have local firewall software on their 
PeeCees which may interfere with network connections.


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