I had a little idea (take cover now!)

I had a play about with Imagemagick a while back to see if it could write text 
onto an RGBA image (which, of course, it can).

So I made it write a text string in a freefont typeface onto an aircraft 
texture - Not that it was in the right place but that is only a question of 
knowing the right co-ordinates to start at.


For AI traffic (or multiplay) where any given aircraft has its own callsign, 
when the texture for that callsign is loaded, Imagemagick can quickly and 
quietly write the callsign onto the fuselage so the aircraft becomes visually 
identifyable. That is that every aircraft in the environment would have to 
have its own texture tho.

Still, the idea is there (but I haven't the knowledge to implement it).

Dave Martin

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