Oliver C. wrote:

Could you change the file format from *.tgz to *.tar.gz?

I ask because *.tgz is used by Slackware as a package format (it's a tar.gz file with a install script in it) and this is leading to confusion
when you have Slackware *.tgz files and *.tgz files that are no Slackware packages on your harddrive.

So file endings called *.tar.gz would be much better than *.tgz.

.tgz is a little bit better understood on the win/mac platforms than .tar.gz, and if I remember my slackware, a slackware .tgz file is the exact same format as a .tar.gz ... the reason slackware called their packages .tgz is to facilitate downloading and managing them on windows systems ...



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