Ioan Suciu wrote:
This is realy a big problem about FG project ;)....
If a distro choosed to name the packages *.tgz we have to avoid that extension??
i'm a slak user and i hadn't met any problem with *.tgz files....

The slack packages are gzipped tarballs whose filenames end with .tgz
rather than .tar.gz. They are constructed such that, when extracted
while in the root directory, their files go to their installed
locations. It is therefore possible (if inadvisable) to install
packages without Slackware's package tools, using only tar and gzip,
and making sure to run the script, if one was included in
the package.

mybe if Jon Stockill will make slack packages for aircafts this may be
a isue....

If there's no other method of managing these tarballs then it would actually make sense (it's really not a huge effort to change the path of the data so that the aircraft could be managed with the native slackware package tools). I suspect that we're working towards a more cross platform solution though, such that flightgear will manage the aircraft.

Jon Stockill

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