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tar and gzip come free out of the box on Unix.
We have to get (un)zip separately to get it working. It's either way and
I don't feel like giving windows users the benefit of the doubt (the
number of windows _developers_ is frighteningly low compared to any UNIX

gzip extracts pkzip files.

Just to add an extra idea to the fire; many game engines [1] (and one bytecode computer language [2]) support reading data from compressed zip files (as certain datafiles in FG are already read from gzipped sources, I think). The code to do this can be as simple as a self contained, public-domain C file (that builds ontop of zlib), assuming only read-access is necessary. (If anyone wants the code, I can dig it out, we use it at my work for exactly this purpose)

Hence, in the future, these files could be downloaded and dropped into an aircraft folder directly (this works for other kinds of 'pluggable' things too, such as scenery). The only penalty is the time taken to decompress the zip data when it's read, but zip decompression is very fast.

Anyway, obviously not a priority, but it 'might be nice one day'

For some reason, I have never seen code to do this with the .tar.gz format, thought in principle it should work; the issue is that ZIPs have a table of contents that can be read without extracting all the files, whereas for a .tar.gz I think you'd have to uncompresss the whole contents and then start examining the tarball. But I know very little of how tars are structured internally.


[1] - Quake 3 (not sure about doom) uses zip renamed to PK3, earlier versions used a custom WAD format which was essentially the same idea. CrystalSpace supports 'mounting' a .zip to access textures / meshes / etc from it

[2] - Java .jar files are zips with a magic file inside

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