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Adam Dershowitz schrieb:
> For GA aircraft (light aircraft) the POH is pretty much all there is, other
> than maintenance manuals.  The POH does not contain complete system
> information.  It contains enough for a pilot to understand the OPERATION of
> the systems, so there are often some simplifications and approximations.  So
> this could lead to some issues for detailed modeling.     The maintenance
> manuals contain more details about systems, but they tend to be harder to
> get, and then contain lots of other stuff that is not relevant, or that
> useful for modeling.
> To complicate things, I believe that airlines are often involved in the
> specific manuals that are used on their airplanes.  In other words I think
> that if you got into the cockpit of a 737-800, the included manuals would
> depend on what AIRLINE owns the airplane.  They would have worked with
> Boeing to generate them.
> I am getting into more guesswork, then knowledge, but I would not be
> surprised if the "Operations Manual" relates to people outside of the
> cockpit (maintenance, dispatch etc.) rather than the people inside the
> cockpit (Pilot's Handbook).
> Finally, I would say that your best starting point will generally be the
> POH, but modeling an airplane is complex, and much of the data is considered
> proprietary and is not available, even to owners and operators.  It is
> generated during certification and then held close.

Well, I've seen the manuals that come with an A310 - box of roughly
1m * 0.5m * folder-height (probably larger) full with overfilled folders.

I just had a quick look into the papers. I could only find pages that
didn't tell me anything :(

If I'd know exactly what would be interesting of modellers I could try
to look again.


PS: Although the last operator of the plane was Armenian Airlines the
documentation was - thankfully - in english
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