Martin Spott wrote:

Exactly this was my intention, I didn't aim at reinventing David's
wheel (TM  ;-))
Apparently you don't want me to collect and distribute such objects and
I won't urge you to leave this work to me ....  I actually just made an
offer. Feel free to use it or not,

My apologies - I obviously got sidetracked by your example :-)

In which case we'll compare notes, and see if we can come up with something that'll work on a global scale. I have a decent stack of data so far, but there's no easy way for people to update it. I can put something together to allow people to visualise the info in the database quite easily, but handling the importing/updating of new/changed data requires some thought. If you've got a database handy I can send you a dump of the database I have so far.

Jon Stockill

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