> >> If OTOH you're not asking about official inclusion into FlightGear,
> > 
> > Please slow down. I'm just starting at collecting informations here, in 
> > order to decide if and how is it possible to contribute to the scenery. 
> I see no point why it should not be possible to contribute. Go ahead,
> everything that adds characteristica to the FlightGear scenery and
> makes some sense is welcome,

No worry, I will go on :-)

At the time I'm getting familiar with GMax for 3D modelling which is far
superior to AC3D although it doesn't export to any directly usable file
format. I guess I have to buy some more software in order to GMax export in
3DS format :-(
Still I'm happy with GMax, it lets me build simple 3D buildings without much

Maybe there's someone out there who could import my GMax models and convert
them to .3ds (having the right export module) and then send it back to me so
that I import it in a proper position into an F.G. scenery. Anyone fitting
those requirements is reading this post? Hello :-)


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