On Wednesday, 12 January 2005 22:26, Martin Spott wrote:
> As I already wrote we are heading for some sort of GIS application
> here. Storage for VMAP0 data - at least parts of it, I don't know all
> types of data that are covered by VMAP0 - could be the accomplished by
> the mentioned PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. Visualization of such data
> is easily done with QGIS, although for editing according to elevation
> data we'd need another tool.
> A PostGIS interface in FGSD might be a solution, but I don't think FGSD
> is currently capable of handlint this sort of vector data at all (I
> might be proven to be wrong here). We don't want a "VMAP0"-editor here,
> let's stick to standard interfaces and formats wherever possible,
> otherwise we are going to manouvre into a corner very soon,

Ok, I see your point about not wanting to handle VMAP type directly in fgsd.
Probably to first step is to write the code/scripts to load the vector data 
into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS DB and write an exporter for terragear so that Curt 
can carry on generating scenery without having to modify terragear.

It would also be really handy to have a scaled down vector database 
(shapefiles?) in FG for "moving map"/GPS units as well as a basemap for 
I played with some of the terrgear tools yesterday but unfortunately they just 
spit out raw shape data without the associated names, descriptions, etc. 
which are required in maps.


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