On Tuesday, 18 January 2005 04:40, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> On January 17, 2005 02:25 pm, Paul Surgeon wrote:
> > We already have too many "empty" 3D models in FG without working FMCs,
> > FMSs, ECAMs, NDs, etc.
> >
> > Paul
> It will be nice if you can implement these systems, perferablely by Nasal
> so that they can be flexible.

Running Nasal code in the rendering loop to do tons of work would not be a 
very good idea in my opinion.
I've looked through an A320 FCOM manual and it would take many thousands of 
lines of C++ to accomplish a half functional aircraft.
I don't think Nasal is the tool for the job.

What I would need to create a aircraft with glass cockpits is :

A way to code self rendering OpenGL intruments. i.e. The renderer loops 
through the intruments and lets them do their own rendering.

A central processing "blackbox" that contains all the logic for the aircraft 
that also get's updated in the rendering loop.
The blackbox will simulate/handle the hydraulic and electrical systems, 
generate and feed the display data to the intruments, handle the logic for 
failures, receive input from all the simulated aircraft sensors and cockpit 
switches, etc.
There are far too many aircraft specific systems than could ever be handled by 
FG properly. An aircraft like this is a simulation of its own.

How would I model for instance the ECAM switching on an A340 at the moment?
The switches are located on the center pedestal but the displays are on the 
center panel. Would I have to add them to the properties tree?
How do I control the logic of those switches? If there is a failure I must be 
able to override those switch settings and display the failure without 
changing the position of the switch. Then the pilot must be able to 
acknowledge and override (yet again) those failures on the display.
How do I tell the PFD or ND to display the ECAM screens? (This can be done on 
real Airbus aircraft)
How do I close solenoid X if switch A is in postion Z but hydraulic pressure 
is between 1000 and 1500 psi and there is a failure on the blue hydraulic 
FlightGear cannot and should not ever have to handle all these aircraft 
operating procedures.

A generic communications bus that can be used to hook instruments/switches and 
the blackbox together. Using a handful of sockets is not a good way to do it 
and properties maybe be a bit messy and I would require hundreds of them.

Unfortunately this is going to sit on the backburner for a long time as it's 
tons of work to implement, I'm already too busy with other projects and I 
doubt anybody else would be willing to tackle it in the near future.


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