Innis Cunningham wrote:

The thing is that several screens models would be using the same area of panel.
How ,for example. could you turn the fuel system screen model off and the main engine indicating screen model on.

That would be no problem. You can draw them all in the same location (0,0,0) for instance. Selecting which one to turn on (or off) is done with one or more properties, for example like this:

<!-- turn on moving map if /mdfs/mfd[0]/type="movingmap" --> <animation> <type>select</type> <object-name>Map</object-name> <condition> <equals> <property>/mdfs/mfd[0]/type</property> <value>movingmap</value> </equals> </condition> </animation>

<!-- turn on compass if /mdfs/mfd[0]/type="compass" -->



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