Chris Metzler wrote:
> > p51d - A classic WWII fighter ... also well done.  Full 3d cockpit.
> Just out of curiosity, what remains to be done with the Spitfire?  If
> it's in production, are there any reasons to favor it over the P-51,
> or vice versa?

Nothing major remains to be done, although, as with the P51d, it still uses
a legacy engine configuration. I will be restoring the creases some time
soon, and will include instrument lighting when I get around to it.
Eventually, I would like to provide an emergency boost facility. The Seafire
still needs a working arrester hook.

The only advantage I can think of is that you get 2 models for the price of
one, otherwise they are very similar. You might find the Spitfire slightly
easier to fly. On the other hand the P51d is a long standing feature of
FlightGear, and this should be recognized.



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