Hi All
As you may or maynot be aware Ampere Hardraade and I
are building the A380 for FG but when I went to put the
A380 folder into the Aircraft folder in 9.8 and run the sim
I get this fault "failed to load aircraft from Aircraft/A380/XML
/A380.xml". fallig back to glider.ac.
Now you may notice that the aircraft file is not in the models
folder as I think was a requirement a couple of versions back.
But this has worked fine in both 9.5 and 9.6.In fact I uninstalled
9.8 and reinstalled 9.6 and moved the A380 folder into it.It worked
fine I then uninstalled 9.6 and reinstalled 9.8 moved the A380 into
the Aircraft folder and ran the sim but it came up with the same
error message.
This is probably a slightly unusual model in that the total model is
made up of both .ac and .3ds files(fuselage,gear & fin .ac wing,engines
and horizontal stabilizer 3ds)but this works fine in 9.6.
Another thing is the model shows up fine in the FGRUN selection window
but not in the sim.
So has something been inadvertently changed that FG will not accept this
path to the model in 9.8?.
I also wonder if anybody has had anyhting like this with installing downloaded
aircraft in 9.8.
Besides the small problem above this is a great sim, getting almost 70 fps sitting
on 28R at KSFO on a 2gig atholon with 512 memory and nvidia FX5200 graphics
So a big thank you to all those involved.


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