Jim Wilson wrote:

> Here is my local config for the p51d yasim propeller.  Most of these
> values
> are pretty much on target according to actual specifications.  The problem
> is
> that it "appears" to not produce sufficient thrust.
> Is it possible that we have a flaw in the thrust calculation?  Does anyone
> have any actual data for p51-D thrust?
> <propeller   x="-0.75" y="0" z="0"
>            radius="1.75"
>            mass="1690" moment="94.5"
>            cruise-alt="21400" cruise-power="1470"
>            cruise-speed="380" cruise-rpm="1200"
>            gear-ratio="0.479"
>            manual-pitch="true" >
>   <actionpt x="-1.25" y="0" z="0"/>
>   <control-input axis="/controls/engines/engine[0]/propeller-pitch"
> control="PROPPITCH"
>                  src0="0" src1="1" dst0="0.40" dst1="0.82"/>
> </propeller>

I think your numbers are spot on. This is the issue that we tackled just
about 12 months ago in the context of the Spitfire. Andy produced some new
code, but it doesn't converge properly for very similar numbers for the
lower-powered Merlin that I was trying to model. That's where it's been
stuck since then. Nice to get it fixed up some time soon.



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