On Sunday, 23 January 2005 17:54, Andrew Midosn wrote:
> It might be more useful to be able to apply a filter
> to the list to reduce it in size. Probably filtering
> by state for the USA and by country for (most) of the
> rest of the world would be OK. Of course, we would
> have to have access to that information, which I don't
> think is available in apt.dat.

I spoke to Robin Peel about this a couple of weeks ago.

The country codes for airports are already Robin's database - in fact he uses 
them as part of the primary key.

However he won't add it to the airport file because X-plane doesn't use them 
and Austin Meyer doesn't want anything in the apt.dat that is not X-Plane 

I feel that they should be added because they will prove to be very valuable 
for filtering but I haven't got enough weight to get them added.


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