As always, thank you all for a great flight simulator +++
Have been enjoying it, and your exchange here for 'yonks' ;=))

RE: --aircraft=ufo in system.fgfsrc is ignored

To change a 'feature', one that has been mentioned here many
times, and again recently, place the following code block
into fgInitFGAircraft (in fg_init.cxx), at about
line 343, just before the fgSetString("/sim/aircraft" ...

   if ( aircraft.empty() ) {
      // Check for $fg_root/system.fgfsrc
      SGPath sysconf( globals->get_fg_root() );
      sysconf.append( "system.fgfsrc" );
      aircraft = fgScanForOption( "--aircraft=", sysconf.str() );

If this behaviour change is agreed, then maybe someone who has
tested the patch, can send a diff to Curt, or directly
update CVS ...

In its favour, I would argue this means FG can be run without
a command line, provided FG_ROOT has been set in the
environment, and that seems to me, as it should be ... ;=))

Perhaps the only counter, is that system.fgfsrc is read twice,
but so are others, like .fgfsrc, for other (local) options ...
or system.fgfsrc should .nt. be used for 'aircraft' ?

It certainly paves the way for fgrun to simply write the
system.fgfsrc, and run the binary with a minimum of command
line parameters ... and leaves a persistent file 'trace'
of what fgrun 'requested' of FG ... more info benefit ...

Continue to enjoy ...



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