> You're right, the picture shows a Projection field too. Complete infos are:
> Datum: WGS84
> Projection: NUTM33
> Coordinate top left
> x: 353620.2 y: 4225543.6
> Coordinate bottom right
> x: 354212.2 y: 4225976.1

Those are odd looking numbers.  The WGS84 standard specifies a
"datum", which is a mapping of lat/lon/altitude coordinates to a 3D
cartisian coordinate system.  Specifically, it calls the zero-altitude
surface ("sea level", sorta, although it doesn't always coincide with
actual MSL in all areas) a slightly flattened ellipsoid with an
exactly specified equation.

That said, WGS84 numbers are still plain looking latitude and
longitude values, usually written in degrees.  They aren't ever called
"x" or "y" (which for obvious reasons is really confusing).  My guess
is that those numbers are arbitrary 2D coordinates used by the
satellite photo software.  Or maybe they're well-specified 2D
coordinates in the NUTM33 projection* about which I know nothing.

* A projection is not the same thing as a datum.  It is a mapping of
  2D (!) lat/lon values to a 2D cartesian surface.  Becuase this
  transformation is lossy, projections get really, really complicated.
  Many are specified with giant lookup tables and/or curve fitting.

I'd hunt around in the documentation you have for the photo to try to
figure out what it's talking about.


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