Geoffrey Frost wrote:
We are currently running FlightGear Version 9.2 for a UAV simulation in
which we fly the UAV into a balloon. We were able to successfully get a
balloon model into FlightGear 9.2, but in order to do so we are running
FlightGear in multiplayer mode, and have to run a simulation on two
different computers. We would like to be able to place the balloon into
FlightGear statically, but do not have the know how.

If you just want a static object at a fixed location and fixed altitude you could easily add it to the scenery.

If you take a look in the FlightGear/data/Scenery/w130n30/w123n37 directory there are a couple of files with the .stg suffix. Now you could add the particular object by adding something like the following line:

OBJECT_SHARED Models/Structures/radio-medium.xml -122.438000 37.689917 243.5 0

Where it represents:
<type> <path> <lat> <lon> <orientation> <elevation>

Maybe someone else can step in and explain the 942058 part of the file called 942058.stg ?


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