* Erik Hofman -- Thursday 03 March 2005 11:49:
> Roberto Inzerillo wrote:
> > Anyway, I'd suggest to bring down the observatory.rgb coulour depth, it's
> > 24bit but it needs ver few colours so the file would be smaller (42603 bytes
> > for a 2bit/px image is too much :-)

> You're absolutely right, not only will it reduce texture memory, but 
> also rendering speed if an unnecessary alpha layer gets removed.

This file isn't that big that it would save much disk space, but anyway:

  -rw-r-----  1 m m 42603 Mar  3 12:15 observatory.rgb
  -rw-r-----  1 m m  5120 Mar  3 12:16 observatory-bwa.rgb

Both versions contain the exact same image information. The first one is
in cvs, the second one was optimized.


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