> I should say though that most people will just want to point their
> displays perpendicular to the viewer and use a more
> standard/straightforward symetric view frustums.  I had to do asymmetric
> view frustums for a particular project with specialized needs.  We ended
> up with a combination of compromises that I wasn't entirely happy
> about.  We were trying to achieve a middle of the road solution that
> wasn't perfect anywhere, but wasn't horrible anywhere either.
Sounds kind of like the problem I'm facing with the left seat/right seat
view perspective in the 747 simulator. Short of a fully collimated
projection(s) and optics to handle a curved, wrap-around screen any solution
will be a compromise.  Understand there are electronics available to handle
"warping" with CRT projectors by controlling the electron beam to handle
frustum distortions and other projection artifacts. Have a feeling they're
not cheap and probably some specialized software to handle all the geometry.

Am I correct in understanding that the modified code has been added to CVS?

John W.

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