I asked:
> What is the application that needs extra CPU, and are we sure that
> it's not being performance limited in some other way?


Drew wrote:
> In Windows, adding this code did absolutely nothing to the
> processing time...it remains at 99% usage whether I throttle back to
> 60, 30, or 1 Hz.  [...] Once iit was compiled in 'debug' mode, the
> throttle_frame_rate actually yielded some processing ttime for other
> processes.  It runs better, but still not ideal.

Wait, that's not a bug report about processing time available for
other proceses at all.  That's a bug report about the total CPU usage
being at 99%, which is irrelevant.  If the CPU is available, then of
course FlightGear should use it all; you can't save up cycles --
either use them now or let them go to waste.

Which app are you running that is going too slow, and how much CPU do
you think it needs?  Those are the important questions.  Your OS (yes,
even windows) has an elaborate scheduler which is designed to make
sure that all processes get the CPU they need to do their job.
Sometimes you need to tweak things, but those circumstances are rare.

I strongly suspect we're chasing a ghost on this one.


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