> From: Melchior FRANZ
> * Melchior FRANZ -- Wednesday 13 April 2005 15:37:
> >  - also, there should be one reserved key for an aircraft help dialog that
> >    lists all special keys ("Ctrl-D: open/close bomb door" etc.) Every 
> > aircraft
> >    that uses more than just default keys should IMHO have such a dialog.
> >    It's easy enough to do via Nasal. (I'll make one such dialog for the
> >    bo105 in the next submission.) But which key?  
> > 
> >    I suggest the question mark key "?" (63) which is still free.
> Well, that's what I did now: I added a function to bo105.nas that
> generates and displays a list of aircraft specific shortcuts. This
> input in $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/bo105/bo105-set.xml
>     <key n="63">
>         <name>?</name>
>         <desc>Show Bo105 help dialog</desc>
>         <binding>
>             <command>nasal</command>
>             <script>bo105.showHelpDialog("Bo105 help", [
>                 ["}",      "start turbines"],
>                 ["{",      "shutdown turbines"],
>                 ["c/C",    "switch to next/previous variant"],
>                 ["Ctrl-c", "open material dialogs"],
>                 ["d/D",    "select next/previous door"],
>                 ["Ctrl-d", "open/close selected door"],
>                 [",",      "fire machine guns/missiles"],
>                 ["Tab",    "open/close Bo105 config dialog"],
>             ])</script>
>         </binding>
>     </key>
> generates this output:
>   http://members.aon.at/mfranz/help.jpg  [20 kB]
> This could eventually be moved to aircraft.nas or gui.nas, once there
> is a decision about my fake window title bars and the color stuff is
> settled.
> m.

Wouldn't it be more helpful to have a generic aircraft help dialog and add a 
<help-text> property to the aircraft config?  This example of works for the 
helicopter, but it is more like a one off script that doesn't provide a 
framework for adding text to every aircraft.  In some cases you really need 
slightly more (but still brief) information and not just a table of key 
bindings to get started.  A scrolling text window that always displays content 
from a particular property would do the trick.  If there was any programming to 
be done, it'd be to  extend the plib puLargeInput widget in simgear with a text 
wrapping ability.



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