> From: Melchior FRANZ
> > provide a framework for adding text to every aircraft.  In some cases 
> > you really need slightly more (but still brief) information and not just 
> > a table of key bindings to get started.
> True. But as soon as you need to scroll, there's already too much
> information. It is no help at all when you are flying and have to scroll
> around to search for key bindings etc. Why then not open an external
> browser window right away?

As they say first things first.   Put the key bindings up top.

> > If there was any programming to be done, it'd be to  extend the plib
> > puLargeInput widget in simgear with a text wrapping ability.        
> Frankly, I'm not interested in diving into plib now. I'd rather give up
> on this and only do it for the bo105. My guess is just that *nothing*
> will then change for the other aircraft for another few years.

Lol, yeah that is probably right!  The extra info that could be added would be 
little tips on starting the engine or taking off.  Only unique bits, not a 
whole POH.  I'm thinking maybe one or two lines in addition to the bindings.  
On the help menu too so folks don't need to know the ?.



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