> This isn't wasted time.  Learning to use CVS to synch to open source
> projects will be a skill you use for the rest of your life (or at
> least until everyone moves onto subversion or darcs or arch or
> whatever).  Like it or not, limiting yourself to released versions of
> software kinda makes you a second class citizen in this world.  If you
> want to participate in development discussions and test the bleeding
> edge features, you need to speak the same language as the rest of the
> developers. :)
> I assume you are using cygwin?  In which case you want you can run the
> setup.exe program you find at http://www.cygwin.com, check off the
> "cvs" box, and let the download/installation finish.

I'm using Visual Studio.  My current goal, though, is not to be
testing bleeding edge features, to be perfectly honest.  I've got a
simulation that I'm developing, using FlightGear as an image
generator, and I have a deadline to meet.  Honestly, I'd love to get
acquainted with CVS and familiarize myself with the process, but it's
more important right now that I get this particular project finished. 
Also, I don't want to be introducing unknowns by working with a
continually changing product.


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