Andy Ross wrote

> Drew wrote:
> > IMHO, it's best to use interpolation tables rather than equations if
> > you're trying to curve fit empirical data.
> Not in this context.  The data here isn't being used to model a
> specific engine, but to provide sane parameters for all
> (super/turbochared) engines.  The performance and code size advantages
> of an equation here are significant.

At the moment we are looking at gear driven centrifugal compressors.
Although I haven't researched it in any detail, the output of turbo-driven
centrifugal compressors do not have a direct relationship with rpm (turbo
lag), and the situation is complicated by the wastegate which operates on
the turbo rather than the compressor. I suspect that this is another black
art! Gear driven is easy in comparison. When someone comes up with a turbo
we may have to have separate models.



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