On Monday 13 Jun 2005 15:14, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> There remains some more eye-candy to do: nav lights, beam approach marker
> lamps, realistic rad and oil temperature readings etc. In the meantime I
> would be grateful for any comments, not least that it all downloads and
> installs correctly!

Installed the version from today's CVS and it seems to run fine here 
(Linux-x86 & Nvidia).  I have to say I had high expectations after the Hunter 
and Spit, and you haven't disappointed!  There are so many nice touches that 
I've noticed already.

One thing (not necessarily a bug) that I've sometimes found with the both Spit 
and the Hurricane is that they can be incredibly "over-twitchy"; this might 
well be directly related to my rather rubbish joystick.  It seems that fairly 
often the stick is flicking about wildly in the cockpit, usually to one side 
in particular, and no amount of leaning on it is enough to resist that pull.

Is this by design (crosswinds/prop wash, + nervous handling) or is it just 
that my stick is rubbish (it does give constantly "flickering" values, even 
when calibrated correctly) and that the sensitivity is set higher than usual 
for these planes?  I haven't noticed any trouble with the hunter/seahawk etc, 
I can manage things like carrier landings with these OK.

I'm Looking forward to the next plane already!



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