Frederic Bouvier wrote:

Selon Melchior FRANZ:

* Harald JOHNSEN -- Tuesday 26 April 2005 20:41:

Clouds are not culled correctly. That explains the poping, but it had
also an enormous impact on fps.
In attachment is a quick hack.

Ahh. That makes a big difference. Almost usable now.  :-)

Now, if you could fix the fog problem and fade clouds in&out rather than
popping them up abruptly, it would be quite cool already.

I just compile them with MSVC without a single warning. And they work fine ( I missed the initial glitches ;-). I am really impressed.

Erik did a few adaptations, I'm only using .net since a week or two and I have allready forgotten the headach I had with templates and MSVC ;)

I know this is preliminary code, but is there a reason why 100% cloud density
doesn't give us overcast rather than scatered/broken as it is now ?


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The density is supposed to reduce the number of clouds on low to mid level computer, it won't change a broken layer into an overcast one.


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