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* James Turner -- Wednesday 04 May 2005 23:14:

Minor partial objection - the Mac startup is dog slow (like 90 seconds to get to a usable plane in the C172 and SFO), and I think at least part of the problem is the 'init while idle' scheme> - FG wastes too much time doing rendering type things

Hardly. It isn't rendering anything while it's calling the idle loop.
Only when the initialization is done (idle_state == 1000) the rendering
fun begins. And this patch does only move parts, not add any. I'll wait
until you can provide some numbers to back up your suspicion. :-)

What can happen though if we interleave with the rendering loop on init, is that for slower displays that take a non-trivial amount of time to render (or even clear the buffer) then init times can be substantially slowed.

I thought about a progress bar, or better: an info line that says:
"initializing navigation data", "initializing airport data", etc.
That entertains people a lot and makes the startup time appear shorter.

Some feedback is good, but a reasonable progress bar probably would require some threading which IMHO is not worth it. Some textual messages that change periodically with init progress is probably a good thing though if it can be done pretty cleanly ...


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