Actually, Karsten wrote this:
> Dave Culp wrote:
> >> After I asked a bit around, I came to (my) conclusion that making
> >> external changes trough custom data on the Scenery is a pain. No chance
> >> to get custom Sceneries (not just objects)  really good to run.

And I wrote this:
> Karsten Krispin wrote:
> > I'm glad you looked into it, because I was hoping to add Sembach Airbase,
> > EDAS, to my local Germany terrain.  Looks like this may be more work than
> > I thought.

> Therefore we already
> have an airport database where everyone can submit their favourite
> airport definitions they make with TaxiDraw.

Can we put defunct airports into the database?  If not, is there an 
alternative way to build a scenery tile with said defunct airport in it?


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