> >     http://home.comcast.net/~davidculp2/city_sign.jpg

> It's easy enough to do using the date from GNS
> (http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/) the biggest quiestion is how to
> generate the signs - imagemagick could be used to generate a texture to
> add to a standard model (and an appropriate xml file could be created at
> the same time to select it) but that would result in insane texture
> usage. A better way may be to generate the letters seperately, and add
> those to the scenery (not unlike a variation on the hollywood sign).

That sounds interesting.  Also, I wonder if the HUD could generate and place 
text strings instead?  Here are possibilities:

1)  Allow each .stg file to have one 256x256 texture, hand made, containing 
the names of the biggest 8 (or 16, or whatever) towns.  The signs and their 
associated .xml files would also be individual and hand made.

2)  Jon's "hollywood sign" method, where the signs are autogenerated using 
individual letters.

3)  Make a "text" animation (I'm guessing this doesn't exist yet?).  

4)  Have the HUD autogenerate "tags" that would appear superimposed over the 
appropriate coordinates.

Of these, number 1 is available now, in concept, although people will have to 
make the signs.  I'm willing to make a set for SFO.


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