On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 02:37, Josh Babcock wrote:
> >>>>I'll see what more I can deduce tonight.
> >>>>Steve

Didn't get anything much done, sadly, but I have taken a look at your
fuselage images, Josh. Nice work!

> Just an update.
> http://jrbabcock.home.comcast.net/flightgear/colditz/colditz1.jpg
> http://jrbabcock.home.comcast.net/flightgear/colditz/colditz2.jpg

One small observation. It's hard to be sure, but I think the photos of
the glider replica show that the "riser" forming the back of the pilot's
seat is also the centre bolting-on point for the wings, and therefore
comes to a narrow flat-top under the wing, not to a sharp point as
you've modelled it.

Looks like P.Reid's drawing (body_glider_plans.htm) shows it like that
too. It would also seem that the wing overhangs forward of the top-of-
the-seat bolt-on point too. This is where I assume the passenger was
squashed in. He gets a bit of side-to-side view in there, but not much.

He wouldn't see much at night anyway.

Other opinions may differ of course. Annoyingly, the photos from the
1999 flight on the 'fiddler's green' site don't really have enough
detail in that area to be sure of anything.

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