Le jeudi 02 juin 2005 à 16:04 -0700, Drew a écrit :
> I'm building a 3-D model of an aircraft, and for some surfaces, I
> decided to use 2-sided polygons to simplify things.  However, when
> FlightGear renders the object, one side of the surface gets shaded
> exactly the opposite of what it should.  Is this a known issue?
> For instance, if the side is facing the sun, it's dark, and when
> facing away from the sun, it's really bright.  This is very apparent
> because this surface is parallel to other one-sided surfaces that I've
> modeled on the same aircraft.  Therefore, this particular surface
> sticks out like a sore thumb. (but only on one side)
> Is this a bug in FlightGear, or have I done something wrong?  I should
> add that I'm generating my own .ac file, and am not using any editor. 
> I'm using the 0x20 surf parameter to draw these surfaces.  I've tried
> 0x30, as well, with no difference.
> Thanks,
> Drew

If you need to keep 2 sided faces. 
You can reverse the  renders : 
1/ select surface in the tool box
2/ select the faces you want to process
3/ Flip Normal  in the menu (surface) 


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