I'm building a 3-D model of an aircraft, and for some surfaces, I
decided to use 2-sided polygons to simplify things.  However, when
FlightGear renders the object, one side of the surface gets shaded
exactly the opposite of what it should.  Is this a known issue?

For instance, if the side is facing the sun, it's dark, and when
facing away from the sun, it's really bright.  This is very apparent
because this surface is parallel to other one-sided surfaces that I've
modeled on the same aircraft.  Therefore, this particular surface
sticks out like a sore thumb. (but only on one side)

Is this a bug in FlightGear, or have I done something wrong?  I should
add that I'm generating my own .ac file, and am not using any editor. 
I'm using the 0x20 surf parameter to draw these surfaces.  I've tried
0x30, as well, with no difference.


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