On Sunday, 12 June 2005 09:22, Erik Hofman wrote:
> Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> > I like that idea.  It would be nice to fly along the coast of a tropical
> > island, look down and be able to see the white sand under the water... or
> > flying above a coral reef and see the corals on the sea floor. =)
> >
> > Seperating land and water will also allow tidal effects to be modelled. 
> > As for underwater exploration, I for one wouldn't mind taking the UFO
> > down and see some underwater landmarks such as the Titanic.  hehe.
> I think we're all getting carried away a bit. We are aiming at a
> professional *flightsimulator* to be used as a training aid, not for
> Hollywood film making.
> Erik

Personally I don't care much for submarines and sealife in a flight sim.
What Flight Unlimited did was when you crashed in water the screen went a 
murky water color and your altitude starts heading for negative figures.
No fish, no sharks and no coral but you get the point that you just crashed 
into water and that should be sufficient in my opinion.

If someone wants to make a submarine simulator then they are welcome to make a 
fork of FlightGear and name it SubGear but I'm interested in aerodynamics and 
not aquadynamics.


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