On Montag 13 Juni 2005 11:03, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> Probably a good idea. The old code is broken, unmaintained, and uses nasty
> binary cloud definition files, while the new code yields much better
> results (except when flying through clouds). The old code may be more
> advanced in some respect (and slower :-), but it'll remain in the Attic/
> anyway, so if someone wants to pick it up again, fix it, and make it better
> than the new clouds, go ahead ...
Hmm, while I am a bit late now.

I have not used the new code for some weeks. That is because of a crash in the 
OpenGL driver when called from the 'render in texture' initialization. So I 
cannot really tell how it looks like. Since nobody other complained I think 
it is a problem in this driver.
So the last thing I remembered was that flying through clouds was much better 
with the old code. The new clouds seem to be afraid from an aircraft. They 
just move out of the flight path. As a result you almost never fly through 
Is this still the case?
And if so, could the new cloud code be changed to behave like the old one in 
this case?

If I understood right the Harris code really simulates the air. That means one 
could extract realistic upwinds and downwinds from that simulation.

It's a pity, but since I don't have the time to look into that I cannot vote 
for keeping that ...



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