Andy Ross wrote:

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Engines/engine/boost-pressure-psi-gauge = 46.00167 (correct order of
> > boost)
> Can you try it with the CVS code?  This may be interacting badly with
> your local changes, which makes debugging difficult.  Nothing in this
> mechanism should require any of the new code.

I've already done that, but didn't take exact readings; the outcome looks
the same, I think. I'll do it again. The new/old code should have no impact
on this.

> Also on this subject: I started integrating the RPM-based supercharger
> attenuation, and noticed that your code added three new engine
> properties:
> mp-pascals: Is this needed?  The standard so far for manifold pressure
>    has always been inHg.  Having lots of duplicate units around
>    complicates things; we can always do conversions in the panel
>    animations or Nasal code.

I don't use it: I only include it because I thought we ought to have SI

> boost-pressure-psi-gauge: This looks to have been hardcoded to sea
>    level; it should be using ambient, no?  Also, must the units be
>    PSI, or can I change them to inhg?  The final name would then be
>    "boost-gauge-inhg" (units go last, and "pressure" is implicit in
>    the units).

OK with the name. PSI(gauge) is what we use over here, otherwise it's inhg
absolute for the US. Gauge-inhg makes no sense. In real life there's no
difference between the way the US and UK measure the pressure, it's the zero
on the gauge which is different, so I think it's correct the way it is.
Gives the right gauge readings anyway. 

> boost-pressure-inhg: Reading the code, this looks like an absolute
>    manifold pressure, and not a boost at all.  Is this a mistake, it
>    looks like a synonym for mp-inhg to me.

I named it that way to distinguish it from mp-inhg, which in the current
code reports supercharger output before the 'wastegate' is applied. The
existing mp-inhg should be retired or renamed to supercharger-output-inhg to
reflect what it reports (useful for testing). Then boost-pressure-inhg can
be renamed accordingly.

The important thing is for the pressure, in whatever units you want (apart
from gauge-inhg), is reported _after_ the 'wastegate' etc. have been applied
to the supercharger output. 


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