Vivian Meazza wrote:
> OK with the name. PSI(gauge) is what we use over here, otherwise
> it's inhg absolute for the US. Gauge-inhg makes no sense. In real
> life there's no difference between the way the US and UK measure the
> pressure, it's the zero on the gauge which is different, so I think
> it's correct the way it is.  Gives the right gauge readings anyway.

In this case, "gauge" is important though: it indicates that the value
is a delta (the difference between MP and ambient pressure) and not an
absolute pressure.  Do you not want this value?  That is what is
normally termed "boost" when one talks about super/turbochargers.

> I named it that way to distinguish it from mp-inhg, which in the
> current code reports supercharger output before the 'wastegate' is
> applied.

Yeah, but that's a bug.  There is only one manifold pressure.  Surely
you don't want *both* "mp-inhg" and "supercharger-output-inhg", which
mean exactly the same thing.

> The important thing is for the pressure, in whatever units you want
> (apart from gauge-inhg), is reported _after_ the 'wastegate'
> etc. have been applied to the supercharger output.

So it sounds to me like all you wanted was "mp-inhg" in the first
place...  I'll just chuck the new properties.


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