Andy Ross

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > OK with the name. PSI(gauge) is what we use over here, otherwise
> > it's inhg absolute for the US. Gauge-inhg makes no sense. In real
> > life there's no difference between the way the US and UK measure the
> > pressure, it's the zero on the gauge which is different, so I think
> > it's correct the way it is.  Gives the right gauge readings anyway.
> In this case, "gauge" is important though: it indicates that the value
> is a delta (the difference between MP and ambient pressure) and not an
> absolute pressure.  Do you not want this value?  That is what is
> normally termed "boost" when one talks about super/turbochargers.

Yes, I think you are right here.

> > I named it that way to distinguish it from mp-inhg, which in the
> > current code reports supercharger output before the 'wastegate' is
> > applied.
> Yeah, but that's a bug.  There is only one manifold pressure.  Surely
> you don't want *both* "mp-inhg" and "supercharger-output-inhg", which
> mean exactly the same thing.
> > The important thing is for the pressure, in whatever units you want
> > (apart from gauge-inhg), is reported _after_ the 'wastegate'
> > etc. have been applied to the supercharger output.
> So it sounds to me like all you wanted was "mp-inhg" in the first
> place...  I'll just chuck the new properties.

Sounds the right thing to do, as you say there is only one manifold pressure
- we can do anything else that's needed in nasal. If we can't then we might
need to revisit this issue. Unless you think it's _better_ done hardcoded.


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